11×14 Premium Stay Flat Mat to suit 7×10 Print – STUDIO LOGO (25 pack) – min 2

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Advertise your brand by embossing your studio logo onto each mat. Minimum order 2 packs of 25 mats (50 mats). Mat Logo Block required for this service.

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    PLEASE NOTE: Premium Stay Flat Mats are ONLY available in Slip-In VGroove style.

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    Order your Mat Logo Block separately.

    MAT LOGO BLOCK: A Mat Logo Block is required to be able to brand your mats. There is a one time fee to manufacture the metal die which will be stored by GIP to brand any of your future logo mat orders. The template file & instructions for this mat/print size can be downloaded from the Mat Logo Block Setup tab below.

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  • Minimum order of 2 packs (50 mats)


The Premium Stay Flat mat is an innovative design of a photographic mat designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

The backing board is made of a proprietary HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) and the top mat is a traditional 4ply acid-free slightly linen-textured matboard. The backing board allows for photographic prints to slide in easily with specially built-in guides to lock the print in place, eliminating any slippage.

Suitable for use with lustre, gloss and most fine-art photographic papers.

Premium Stay Flay Mats are approx. 40% thicker than our Traditional range of mats and almost double the weight giving them a premium feel.

Full packs (25 mats) of Premium Stay Flat Mats include a Print Shoe Horn to assist with print insertion and 3M double-sided micro-thin sealing tabs to permanently fix your valuable prints.

Premium Stay Flat Mats are currently only available in white and Slip-in Vgroove style.

Please note: Print openings are a half-inch smaller than the print size.

Product specifications

Acid Free

Mat Colour: White

Thickness: Approx. 3.5-3.6mm per mat

Mat Outer Size: 11×14 inches (279.4mm x 355.6mm)

To suit Print Size: 7×10 inches (177.8mm x 254.0mm)

Window Opening Size: 6.5×9.5 inches (165.1mm x 241.3mm)

Backing Board: White High Impact Polystyrene


What is the difference between Traditional and Premium Stay Flat Mats?

Premium Stay Flat Mats have been specially designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. To ensure their durability, Stay Flat Mats are made from a mix of 4ply acid-free mat boards and high impact polystyrene. As our Premium Stay Flat Mats are a new release product, they are currently only available in Slip-in VGroove style and selected sizes. The biggest difference between these mats is the feel - Stay Flat Mats are approx. 40% thicker than our Traditional Mats and are almost double the weight.​

What is the thickness of the Stay Flat Mat?

The Premium Stay Flat Mats have an approximate thickness of 3.6 ~ 3.7 mm, making them approx. 40% thicker than our Traditional Mats.

The Premium Stay Flat Mat has a specified print size, but can I fit a different print size in it?

No. Premium Stay Flat Mats have been designed with built-in print guides to prevent the print from slipping out of the window, therefore the mat will only fit it's specified print size.

Where can I place a logo on a Premium Stay Flat Mat?

You can choose whether you want your logo to be embossed on the front of the mat, in the bottom right or the bottom centre - vertically or horizontally. Logo printing on the back of Premium Stay Flat Mats is not available due to the high impact polystyrene backing board material.