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We believe that education is the key to success! Feel free to browse articles by photographers, business coaches & of course us.

The psychology of selling matted printed and folio box sets

By Johl Dunn I ran a successful portrait photography business for over 20yrs, so the following advice is tried and tested and refined over 1000’s of clients in that time.What
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35 Expert Marketing Ideas to Stand Out in an Oversaturated Market

By Mark Rossetto Are you tired of losing money because you don’t stand out in your market? Are you getting left behind by your competitors? Getting the attention of clients
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How In Person Sales Can Dramatically Increase Your Profits

By Mark Rossetto In any business, there are two main ways to generate more revenue – you either increase your volume and take on more clients or you increase your
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Slideshows For Photographers

By Miranda Hayek Visual art is one of the most impactful and influential means to bring change in our world. Now more than ever, as artists we have an opportunity
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You Are A Professional Photographer

By Bernie Griffiths So why do you want to have your own photography business? Do you like the thought of having more spare time? How about just working the hours
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5 Tips to Increase Wedding Averages with Album Sales

By Jeff Poole Every wedding is different. And yet, as photographers, our approach to them is often the same, dictated by our own predispositions. These predispositions cause us to miss
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