10×15 Print mounted in 16×20 Mat

Professional Fine Art 10×15 inch Photographic Prints mounted and assembled for you in a 16×20 Photo Mat.

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  • Please note: The options below will be applied to all the files/quantities uploaded. If you require different print options for the same file and print size, please add a separate print product for each set of different options.

    Studio Reference

    *Photographic Paper

    *Torn Edge (Deckled Print)

    Please Note for Torn Deckled Edges:

    In order for your 10x15" hand torn deckled edge print to be visible & float in the photo mat,  it will be torn and reduced by ½ inch on all 4 sides in size.
    If you would like a visible deckled white border, please include an even 1"+ white border. See LEARN ABOUT - Photo Printing Page for more details 

    Please specify which one of the above deckled edge options you would like in the Printing Notes below and make sure your image file(s) are canvased correctly. 

    *Mat Options

    *Studio Logo on Mat

    Please ensure you have a Mat Logo Block on file at GIP to use this service

    If you don't have a Mat Logo Block for branding mats you can order one here.

    *Plastic Sleeves

    Printing Notes

  • *Permanently Adhere Print

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Your image printed on fine art photographic papers, mounted & assembled in the photo mat of your choice. Designed to help you and your studio save time & effort and focus on what you love and do best, taking amazing photos.

· Inkjet prints on professional photographic paper of your choice.
· Available papers: Canson Lustre Premium RC 310gsm, Epson Archival & Enhanced Matte 189gsm, Ilford Galerie Metallic Gloss 260gsm and Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308gsm.
· Hand torn deckled edge option available with Hahnemuhle Photo Rag only.
· Available on the full range of photo mats offered by GIP.
· All prints are printed and assembled in house by Global Image Products staff in a spotless environment with stringent quality control measures.


What is a Matted Print?

Matted Prints is our printing service where we print your images on the fine art photographic paper of your choice and then assemble it in the photo mat of your choosing.

What choice of mats are available and where are they assembled?

All our photo mat styles and sizes from our entire range are available for Matted Prints as all Matted Prints are assembled with care by GIP staff in our very own printing facility located in Melbourne, Victoria.

Can Matted Prints be drop shipped?

Yes they can! As long as you make sure your clients address is filled in when we ask for the shipping address for the order during the check out process. Please note we can only Drop Ship one client’s Matted Prints per order. If you need to drop ship to multiple clients, please make sure to make a separate order of Matted Prints for each client.

Are prints permanently mounted in the photo mat?

No, you have the option of choosing whether you would like your prints permanently mounted and sealed in the mat or not.

What choice of fine art papers do you offer?

We offer 4 types of Fine Art Photographic Paper. Canson Infinity Lustre 310gsm, Epson Enhanced Matte 189gsm, Ilford Galerie Metallic Gloss 260gsm and Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm.

How fast is this service?

Please allow 3-5 business days for your prints to be meticulously assembled into our photo mats. Once orders are ready and dispatched, shipping times will vary depending on where you are located. During busy peak periods we ask that you allow additional processing and shipping times, and we will endeavour to have your Matted Prints ready as soon as possible.

How to set up correct colour management?

Firstly, download the GIP Colour Correction file from the Learn->Photo Printing page (about 2 thirds down the page). Secondly, request a physical print of that same file to match your monitor settings to the print.

What printer do you print with?

All our fine art photographic prints are printed with our very own 12 colour Epson SureColour Inkjet Printer.

Is image retouching available?

Currently we only offer direct print from your files. Any photo retouching, sizing and cropping is your responsibility. We print in either sRGB or Adobe 1998 colour spaces.

What is a Deckled Edge (Hand Torn) print?

Deckled edge print is a technique where the edges of a photographic print are manually hand torn to leave a rough edge around the print. These prints look amazing when floated in the middle of a photo mat.

Is there a minimum order quantity for Matted Prints per order?

No! You can order as many or as little as you require.

Can I logo brand my Photo Mats?

Yes you can. Logo branded photo mats are available for any Matted Print however you first MUST have a Mat Logo Block on file with us.