Mat Logo Block

Mat Logo Block

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$99.00 ex GST

Brand your Mats with your business’s logo for an added professional touch. A one time purchase to have your Mat Logo Block made. 

  • If you need help with setting up your Mat Logo Block artwork, please contact us!

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Brand your Mats with your business’s logo for an added professional touch. 

This metal block will be stored at Global Image Products and will be used to deboss your Mats whenever you place an order for Mats with Studio Logo. It is a one-time purchase that must be ordered if you want Mats with a Studio Logo.


View Setup Instructions

Mat Branding Template Setup Instructions

Please follow the steps below prior to adding the Mat Logo Block to your cart:

1. Download the Mat Branding template file for this mat size.
2. Open the template file in Adobe Photoshop, then add, size & position your logo.
(Watch the instructional video on how to setup the template file correctly if you need more help)
3. Save the completed template file to your computer.
4. Attach the completed template file to the Mat Logo Block product (Accessories category).
5. Add product to cart.

Please watch the instructional video below for help setting up your logo artwork file to brand your mats.

Mat Logo Block
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