Frame Corner Samples

Discover the perfect frame for your professional photography with our Frame Corner Samples. This essential tool allows you to visualise and compare different frame styles, colours and finishes, ensuring your client’s wall art achieves the ideal aesthetic. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, each corner sample showcases the quality and elegance that will complement your amazing photography. Each frame corner sample will be labelled with the Frame Style and Colour without any reference to Global Image Products making them ideal to work with clients.

Frame Corner Samples purchased will be refunded via Store Credit after $1000 of Wall Art orders

  • *Full Set or Choose Individual Frame Corners

    *Frame Moulding Styles

    *Aspen Slim ($2.00 each)

    *Aspen Wide ($2.00 each)

    *Modern Wedge ($2.00 each)

    *Sienna Slim ($2.00 each)

    *Sienna Wide ($2.00 each)

    *Signature Bold ($2.50 each)

    *Milano Ornate ($2.50 each)

Frame Moulding Styles & Colours

Aspen SLIM & Aspen WIDE Colours

Modern WEDGE Colours

Sienna SLIM & Sienna WIDE Colours

Signature BOLD Colours

Milano ORNATE Colours