White Economy USB Box

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An economical solution to your client’s digital images without compromising on style.

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An economical solution to your client’s digital images without compromising on style. 
Available in 3 textured finishes: Black Lizard, White Lizard & Vanilla Sand.

· Black felt-lined interior
· A petite lid handle 
· Light-weight design

Customise your Economy USB Box with our printing service to brand the box with your studio logo or to personalise it for your client.

Product specifications

External Dimensions

60 W x 93 L x 30 H mm

USB Recess

25 W x 60 L x 10 H mm


Do you offer the logo service on USB drives?

Yes we can print your logo on our Crystal USB Drives. Minimum of 5 USB drives and MUST be ordered in lots of 5. For best results, we recommend a simple white or black logo. You can choose to have your logo printed on either the USB CAP, CRYSTAL part or both.

What format is used for the USB drives?

Our Crystal USB Drives are formatted to FAT32 with a default allocation size setting. This is the most universal setting for compatibility between MacOS and Windows Software. Formatting using FAT32 allows individual files a size limit of 4GB size. If you wish to upload an individual file greater than 4GB, we recommend reformatting the drive to ExFat (128kb).

What size is the USB opening in the USB boxes?

The recess within our USB Boxes is large enough to fit our Crystal USB Drives. For specific measurements, please visit the specification tab on the product's page, as the recess size may vary between different USB Boxes.

What capacity/colour USB drives do you offer?

Our Crystal USB Drives are available 2 capacities: 16GB and 32GB in the following colours: Chrome Silver, White, Black & Rose Gold.


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White Economy USB Box