Clear Plastic Sleeves for 8×10 Prints (25 pack)

$9.50 ex GST

Clear plastic sleeves are designed to protect individual mats or loose prints during transportation as well as adding a touch of professionalism. Sold in packs of 25.


For the final presentation of your individual photo mats or prints, our clear plastic sleeves are the perfect answer. Simply slide your mat or print into the seal-able plastic sleeve to give it a more professional appearance and protect it during transportation.

Sold in packs of 25 and available to suit all of our mat sizes and a large selection of photo print sizes.


External Dimensions

212 W x 254 L mm

Please note all Plastic Sleeves have a 30 mm fold over flap


What size Plastic Sleeve is correct for the Mats I am purchasing?

The Plastic Sleeve size you order should match the outer size of the mat. It is a common mistake to confuse this with the print size.

Can I order Plastic Sleeves individually?

When purchasing Mats, Plastic Sleeves can be ordered individually to match the same quantity of Mats. However, when purchased alone, Plastic Sleeves are only sold in packs of 25.

How many Mats can a Plastic Sleeve hold?

A single Plastic Sleeve can hold one Mat.

How many Prints can a Plastic Sleeve hold?

A single Plastic Sleeve can hold approx. 10-15 standard prints.

Do your Plastic Sleeves come with backing boards? Do you supply them?

No, we do not supply backing boards.