11×14 Traditional White Mat to suit 8×10 Print – SINGLE MATS (min 5)

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Need a few mats but not enough for a pack of 25? Not to worry, order your mats individually. (Minimum order 5 mats)

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  • Minimum order of 5 Single Mats

    If you require more than 20 mats it is more economical to purchase them in packs of 25


Our Traditional mats are the perfect way to present your prints. They are made from 4ply acid-free mat boards, with the top and backing boards being fixed together with a heavy duty double sided adhesive tape.

The top mat has a slight linen texture, giving the product a great look and feel. Ensure your imagery is always displayed professionally with these Traditional mats. 

Traditional mats are available in various print sizes and styles.

Please note: Print openings are a half inch smaller than the print size.

Product specifications

Acid Free

Mat Colour: White

Thickness: Approx. 2.7-2.8mm per mat

Mat Outer Size: 11×14 inches (279.4mm x 355.6mm)

To suit Print Size: 8×10 inches (203.2mm x 254.0mm)

Window Opening Size: 7.5×9.5 inches (190.5mm x 241.3mm)


Are your mats acid-free?

Yes, all our mats are acid-free.

What is the difference between Plain style and VGroove style Mat?

Plain style mats have no detail around the border whereas VGroove style mats have a fine groove cut line around the print opening.

What is the difference between Slip-In and Self-Assemble Mats?

A Slip-In Mat has 3 sides of the Mat sealed and one short side has been left unsealed to allow for a print to be slipped in (hence the name Slip-In). A Self-Assemble Mat has been permanently attached on only one long side, and 2 other sides (one short and one long side) have double-sided tape applied but are not yet sealed. This allows prints to be easily placed into the Mat by gently lifting the top board and positioning the print, then simply peeling the double-sided tape to seal the other 2 sides of the Mat. At this point, the Self-Assemble Mat has been converted into a Slip-In mat.

What is the difference between Traditional and Premium Stay Flat Mats?

Our Traditional Mats are made from 4ply acid-free mat boards and are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. Stay Flat Mats have been specially designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. To ensure their durability, Premium Stay Flat Mats are made from a mix of 4ply acid-free mat boards and high impact polystyrene. As our Premium Stay Flat Mats are a new release product, they are currently only available in Slip-In VGroove style and selected sizes. The biggest difference between these mats is the feel; Premium Stay Flay Mats are approx. 40% thicker than our Traditional Mats and are almost double the weight.

I am having trouble getting my print inside the mat. What do you suggest?

We recommend using Self-Assemble Mats as they have been designed for photographers who struggle to slip-in their prints or are printing on fine art papers which are normally thicker, therefore more difficult to slip-in.

Can I buy Mats individually?

Yes, you can order Mats individually by selecting the 'Single Mats' option of your desired print size. The minimum quantity of Mats you can order individually is 5 Mats. Standing Mats have a minimum order of 10 Mats.

What is the most cost-effective way to purchase Mats?

In full packs of 25 for Traditional & Premium Stay Flat Mats and in full packs of 10 for Standing Mats.

Are there any volume discounts for Mats?

Yes, large volume discounts start to apply to purchases of 4 packs (100 mats) or more.