11×14 Standing Black Mat to suit 8×10 Print – STUDIO LOGO (10 pack) – min 5

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Advertise your brand by embossing your studio logo onto each mat. Minimum order 5 packs of 10 mats (50 mats). Mat Logo Block required for this service.

Standing Mats are only available in Slip-In Plain.

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    PLEASE NOTE: Standing Mats are ONLY available in Slip-In Plain style.

  • *Do you have a Mat Logo Block on file at GIP?

    Order your Mat Logo Block separately.

    MAT LOGO BLOCK: A Mat Logo Block is required to be able to brand your mats. There is a one time fee to manufacture the metal die which will be stored by GIP to brand any of your future logo mat orders. The template file & instructions for this mat/print size can be downloaded from the Mat Logo Block Setup tab below.

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  • *Include a matching qty of Clear Plastic Sleeve packs?

  • Minimum order of 5 packs (50 mats)


Advertise your photography business by branding your logo on each mat. You have the choice of logo position: front bottom right or front bottom centre. Your logo can be branded to suit either vertical (portrait) or horizontal (landscape) images.

A Mat Logo Block (metal plate) is required for this service, this involves a first-time setup. Your logo will be debossed into the matboard.

Standing Mats feature a built-in rear strut to allow the mat to stand upright. When closed, the strut is completely flush allowing the mat to store away neatly. When the strut is extended, the mat can stand in either a horizontal or vertical position. 

Standing mats are only available in the slip-in plain style.

Please note: Print openings are a half-inch smaller than the print size

Product specifications

Acid Free

Mat Colour: Black

Thickness: Approx. 3.6-3.8mm per mat

Mat Outer Size: 11×14 inches (279.4mm x 355.6mm)

To suit Print Size: 8×10 inches (203.2mm x 254.0mm)

Window Opening Size: 7.5×9.5 inches (190.5mm x 241.3mm)


Can you fit a portrait or landscape print inside a Standing Mat?

Yes, as Standing Mats can stand upright either vertically (portrait) or horizontally (landscape).

What styles are available for Standing Mats?

Standing Mats are available in either white or black colour with a plain border, (Slip-In Plain style only).

Do Standing Mats fit inside Plastic Sleeves?

Yes, our Clear Plastic Sleeves can accommodate a Standing Mat.

Can I buy Standing Mats in packs of 25?

No, Standing Mats are only sold in packs of 10.

Can I buy Standing Mats individually?

No, Standing Mats are sold in a minimum pack of 10 Mats.


View Setup Instructions

Mat Branding Template Setup Instructions

Please follow the steps below prior to adding the Mat Logo Block to your cart:

1. Download the Mat Branding template file for this mat size.
2. Open the template file in Adobe Photoshop, then add, size & position your logo.
(Watch the instructional video on how to setup the template file correctly if you need more help)
3. Save the completed template file to your computer.
4. Attach the completed template file to the Mat Logo Block product (Accessories category).
5. Add product to cart.

Please watch the instructional video below for help setting up your logo artwork file to brand your mats.

Mat Logo Block
Play Video

Please note: Mat Logo Block setup should be completed on a desktop computer.

11×14 Standing Black Mat to suit 8×10 Print – STUDIO LOGO (10 pack) – min 5